Support for Artists Work Group

Work Group Co-Chairs: Stacey Williams-Ng, Founder and Director, Wallpapered City and LaShawndra Vernon, Executive Director, Artists Working in Educations (AWE)

Imagine MKE staff leader: Kennita Hickman, Director of Artist Support and Outreach

This work group's main focus is to ensure that Milwaukee-based artists will have access to local financial resources, physical resources, and capacity building support to gain access to the local and national markets in order to earn a living or more of their living as artists.

We will measure the effectiveness of this result by annually surveying a significant and diverse cross-discipline sample of artists on whether the local market and supports for artists are improving.

Click here to view this Work Group's 2019-20 strategic goals.

The Summer 2020 Meeting was conducted on July 8, 2020.

It had these results:

  • Work Group is oriented to past progress, and joined to work moving forward.
  • Work Group members clarify targets for financial resources, physical resources, capacity building support and access to markets.
  • Work Group members align and/or identify strategies that best achieve those targets.
  • Action Commitments made.

View the shared meeting MURAL whiteboard here.

If you haven’t made an Action Commitment yet, we encourage you to review the MURAL and make one today, as we’d love to keep the momentum going.  Here were some examples of suggested Actions you could take:

  • You could propose a new strategy that will increase support for artists. 
  • You could identify potential activities that could advance the result. 
  • You could introduce Kennita to other projects that are happening that are increasing support for artists. 
  • You could introduce Kennita to 2 new people to this work 
  • You could map out how 2 other artists/creatives are sustaining their practice and making a living (as seen in the data walk) 
  • Other? 

Make an action commitment to move the work forward here.