Neighborhood Partnerships Work Group

Work Group Co-Chairs: Barbara Smith and Beth Haskovec, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Imagine MKE staff leader: Antoine Carter, Neighborhood Liaison

The Neighborhood Partnerships Work Group’s goal is to ensure that artists and arts organizations are effective partners in Milwaukee neighborhoods, engaging our friends and neighbors in creativity and supporting neighborhood artists, creators, and cultural activities based on the interests and needs of the residents in the neighborhoods. 

The members of this work group include a diverse amalgam of arts organizations, neighborhood groups, business improvement districts, and other organizations interested in fully activating our city's neighborhoods.

We are currently piloting our community-driven, resident-led neighborhood work in the greater Amani Neighborhood thanks to generous funding provided by Northwestern Mutual.

Click here to view this Work Group's 2019-20 strategic goals.

The Summer 2020 Meeting was conducted on July 1, 2020.

It had these results:

  • Work Group is oriented to past progress, and joined to work moving forward.
  • Work Group members identify targets from role for advancing arts and culture in
  • Milwaukee neighborhoods.
  • Work Group members identify possible paths to advance towards targets.
  • Action Commitments made.

View the shared meeting MURAL whiteboard here.

If you haven’t made an Action Commitment yet, we encourage you to review the MURAL and make one today, as we’d love to keep the momentum going.  Here were some examples of suggested Actions you could take:

  • If you’re leading a community group or represent an “Anchor Institution”, you might connect with your team to identify a target for arts and culture activation in your neighborhood this coming year. 
  • If you’re an artist or creative, or represent an arts/cultural organization, you can...  
    • ...make a connection with a neighborhood group; or introduce a fellow artist (or organization) to a neighborhood group. 
    • ...identify a proposal for an arts/culture activation that could support a neighborhood’s arts and culture activation goal. 
  • If you represent a nonprofit, you can... 
    • ...identify connect with neighborhood leaders to identify a target for arts and culture activation. 
    • ...make a proposal of how you might activate arts/culture through your services in service to neighborhood arts and culture activation goals. 

Make an action commitment to move the work forward here.