Marketing and Public Relations Work Group

Work Group Co-Chairs: Andrea Hubbert, Hub+Company and Sarah Mac Lahr, Radio Milwaukee

Imagine MKE staff leader: Lindsay Sheridan, Director of Marketing and PR

This work group is focused on increasing public awareness, political will, and support for Milwaukee’s diverse arts and culture sector, and changing the narrative of our city from a sleepy Midwestern post-industrial town with beer and brats to America's new, up and coming arts and culture mecca.

We will measure the effectiveness of this work by: Improved public perception of the value of arts and culture in Milwaukee increases via public surveys; increased audiences and markets for local artists and arts groups; and increase in diverse public participation in arts and culture.

Click here to view this Work Group's 2019-20 strategic goals.

The Summer 2020 Meeting was conducted on June 30, 2020.

It had these results:

  • Work Group is oriented to past progress, and joined to work moving forward
  • Identify potential campaigns, systems, or experiments in response to the evergreen and COVID- specific problems the sector faces.
  • Identify actionable ideas, and form groups for continued work.
  • Make action commitments, including a plan for re-connecting on progress in three weeks.

View the shared meeting MURAL whiteboard here.

If you haven’t made an Action Commitment yet, we encourage you to review the MURAL and make one today, as we’d love to keep the momentum going.  Here were some examples of suggested Actions you could take:

  • You could lead a meeting to identify a way to move forward on the breakout conversation. Topics that are in need of a leader: 
    • Developing tangible products/showcases that create community investment 
    • Compile case studies for arts impact 
    • Sector wide commitment to diversity by 2025 
    • Using the arts to address the mental health challenges of COVID 
    • Consistency in reaching out to diverse audiences 
  • You could join a meeting (or more than one) to help move forward on the breakout conversation. 
  • You could plan to try a small experiment based on your breakout conversation, and share back your findings with the group. 
  • You could identify others who could take action in service to putting the sale and consumption of Milwaukee arts and culture front of mind during the pandemic. 

Make an action commitment to move the work forward here.