Our city is a network of strong and independent neighborhoods filled with creative and resilient Milwaukeeans committed to building a more connected and inspired city. We believe that they need to be fully engaged in arts and culture projects and that these projects are driven by community organizations and residents. Our Neighborhood Partnership workgroup helps to facilitate these connections and partnerships. 

The workgroup’s goal is to ensure that artists and arts organizations are effective partners in Milwaukee neighborhoods, engaging our friends and neighbors in creativity and supporting neighborhood artists, creators, and cultural activities based on the interests and needs of the residents in the neighborhoods. 

Northwestern Mutual generously provided funding to pilot our community-driven neighborhood work in the greater Amani Neighborhood (North to Capitol and between 15th and 35th). 

Our measures of success are:

  • Artists in the neighborhood report access to new supports and partners;
  • Number of residents engaged in leading and organizing arts and culture in their neighborhoods; 
  • Increase in public art and use of public space; 
  • Increase of diverse residents participating in arts and culture in their neighborhoods and the quality of those experiences; 
  • New partnerships between arts and culture organizations and other neighborhood organizations and initiatives, and their contribution to neighborhood and social impacts

In the first quarter of our work led by Antoine Carter, our neighborhood liaison, we have:

  • Hosted Gallery Day and Night in the Amani Metcalfe Park Neighborhood, activating the Center Street Library with spoken word artists in the day-time, and hosting gallery night shows at the Black Historical Society and the BRIC Building. Over 100 people attended these events and many of the artists that showed work at our Gallery Night were from the surrounding neighborhood and together, they sold over $1,500 of art, including the first ever sale for artist Lakeysha Reed and her son. 
  • Supported the Completion of the Let Peace Live Mural, with partnerships from COA Goldin Center and Shorewood High School, which was completed during the Beyond the Backpack event where over 700 families participated in painting the mural
  • Partnered with Safe and Sound, COA, Amani United, Program the Parks, to host the 1st annual Moody Park Madness basketball Tournament, where over 150 young people participated. 
  • Brought Community and Artists together by providing free lunches to artists and residents during the Summer Sprays Graffiti Arts Festival hosted in 7 locations throughout the Amani and surrounding area. 
  • Begun identifying and tracking assets for City Wide Arts and Culture Asset Inventory Map.

For more information about the Amani Neighborhood Partnership, please contact Antoine Carter at acarter@imaginemke.org.