Interested Artists: Applications are closed as of Wednesday, April 1, 5:00 pm. Should additional significant funds become available, we will reopen applications.


About The Fund: 

Who is eligible?

  • Any artist who resides in Milwaukee County 

How much can artists apply for?  

  • Up to $500 

What are the funds for? 

  • Recouping financial losses due to cancelled events (performance arts; readings, panels and teaching opportunities) 
  • Support for artists working full or part-time in the service industry who’ve lost supplemental income used to support creative practices. 

How will funding decisions be made?  

  • All artists are welcome to apply, and we intend to meet all requests that are approved given we have the resources to meet those requests.  In the case we have more requests than funds available, we will consider the following: 
    • Priority on requests from Black / Indigenous / People of Color artists, transgender & nonbinary, and/or artists with disabilities. 
    • Order of submission 
  • These applications will be reviewed by both IMKE Staff and volunteer Support For Artists Work Group Members.
    • In the case that a Work Group Member is applying for this fund, they will be recused from review. 

What’s the process for applications? 

  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and after each deadline, the goal will be to issue review and issue quickly.
    • The first deadline is 5 PM March 18, 2020.
      • Deadlines for submissions in following weeks will be on Wednesdays at 5:00 PM CT (March 25, April 1) 
  • Applications will be rated in one of three ways: 
    • Approved.  In this case, we will send checks by Friday. 
    • Approved, but awaiting funds.  We intend to fulfill this request once we are able to replenish the fund.
    • Denied.  In this case, we will not fulfill the request. 
  • We will continue issuing grants as long as we have funds.   
  • Artists will only be allowed to apply for relief once.  However, this policy may change depending on demand and/or size of the fund. 

Other Resources for Artists and Organizations
As we find additional information and useful links, this section will be updated. 

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