Imagine a Milwaukee where our city’s artists, arts institutions, arts organizations, community groups, creatives, and everyday citizens are leaders in shaping public policy and our civic spaces. 


Imagine MKE harnesses and amplifies our collective voice in with our local, state, and federal elected officials and policymakers. 

With you, Imagine MKE helps to shape our public conversations, advance investments in the arts, address inequities in access, opportunities, and engagement to improve our communities. 

We advocate for Milwaukee arts, artists, and creatives at the local, state and federal levels, representing the combined impact and reach of our city’s institutional arts and culture organizations, neighborhood groups, and individual artists. 

While the challenges that face our city and region are complex, we believe that the solutions are within our grasp and consistent with the shared values of creating an inclusive, thriving city. Finding the way to these solutions just requires a little bit of vision, creativity, and cooperation, qualities that artists and creatives are uniquely qualified to provide. 

Imagine MKE works to ensure that our city’s imaginative and visionary artists, creators, and arts and culture organizations are a part of the answer to create a vibrant, resilient, and generative future facing city. 

We connect artists and arts leaders to get involved in public policy, civic engagement, and the political process, including events, forums, and briefings with our elected officials at the city, county, state, and federal levels.