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Yhazmin's Perfect Milwaukee Day

by Yhazmin Sanders-Sanchez on Oct 2, 2021

Where would you start your perfect day out and about in Milwaukee? What would you do there? What inspires you about that place?

The start of a perfect day for me would be to grab a coffee or tea and walk with my dog, Marleigh, somewhere out in nature. Our typical spot would be the riverside Urban Ecology Center and/or one of the many beaches in Milwaukee. Being outside really grounds me and inspires me in ways being indoors just couldn’t. I’m free to just be. I love listening to the sounds of nature and seeing all the things. I’m a collector of many things and I find my most precious trinkets on a hike through the woods or on the beach. 

Then where would you go? What’s something unique to do or see there?

Where I go next depends on the day, sometimes I like to go back home and dive into journaling or listening to music or watching a new film or sketching out some ideas, sometimes I’ll go to cactus club and check out the art markets or other events they have, and other times I like to meet up with friends and see what they’re up to.

When it’s time for some lunch or a snack, what’s a great place to grab some food (bonus points if it also shows off something fun or interesting about Milwaukee’s arts and culture scene!)?

What’s your favorite food or drink item there?

One of my favorite places to have lunch is Ono Kine Grindz which is a Hawaiian restaurant more so in Tosa, they have bento boxes that are so good and so filling. I also really love grabbing all-you-can-eat sushi from Fushimi, I order so many Rocky Mountain sushi rolls in one sitting and leave so full my tummy hurts. Outside of those two, I typically eat meals at home or at a friends house.

What’s a place where you practice (or show off) your creative skills? What makes that place great for you?

I currently practice out of my home, in my lil studio space. I had a studio at Var gallery for a bit and would love to find an affordable studio space again. I’ve had a lot of my work supported and shown through Var as well. I appreciate Var for how much they support student and emerging artist work. It’s a very accessible place for local creatives which is great. 

Is there a local creator or arts org you’d like to shout out? What’s a fun way to interact with them or their work?

There are so many talented creatives in Milwaukee, it’s hard to choose just one but I think I’d like to shoutout my friend Felipe who is currently local, but moving to New York very soon. Ever since freshmen year at MIAD he’s been one of my favorite artists. He’s really changed my perspective on creative concepts and processes. He works really hard and is a genuine artist through and through! I think the best way to interact with his work is in person, though it really shines online as well. You honestly never know what to expect from him, but the work all ties together and feels very cohesive.  

How would you finish your perfect day out and about in Milwaukee?

The best way to end a perfect day is to unwind at home. I typically need to recharge after a day of shenanigans and really value my time to myself. I’ll probably play some splatoon and cuddle with my dog until I’m ready for bed<3

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