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ITP S2 E7: The Perfect Milwaukee Food Day

by Imagine MKE on Dec 22, 2020
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ITP S2 E7: The Perfect Milwaukee Food Day

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So for the first ever Imagine MKE Fantasy Draft this week, it probably would have been more appropriate to have a fantasy draft of Christmas songs but as you know, one MacArthur Antigua hates the genre and so here we are on Christmas week with the inaugural Imagine MKE Fantasy Draft: Best Milwaukee Food Day edition (thanks to All Fantasy Everything, who inspired the idea). 

News and notes (00:50); Fantasy Eats Draft: Drafting Your Perfect Food Day in Milwaukee! (12:25); Mac holds a "random" lottery to assign himself the second pick (18:45); Finally, the first pick of the draft (22:45); Shenanigans with the 24th overall pick (46:20), A few more restaurants that we would have liked to have picked (1:02:58); Easter Eggs (1:13:16)

Once you finish listening, cast your vote here for who you think had the best Food Draft. We will select one winner from the winning draft slate to receive a delicious treat from one of the restaurants! 

Audio transitions: Let Go, by Lex Allen (Spotify)

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