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Sindie's Perfect Milwaukee Day

by Sindie Ho on Oct 3, 2021
Sindie's Perfect Milwaukee Day

An ideal day out in Milwaukee would start at a morning vendor market at Cactus Club in Bay View. They always bring in really kind artists with wonderful wares and offer a ton of non-alcohlic drinks. There’s usually a food truck parked to the side so it just smells good and feels really warm. Cactus Club operates as a bar and music venue in the evenings but also makes a point to make a space for things to happen outdoors during the day while the weather is still nice.
Then where would you go? What’s something unique to do or see there?

After leaving Cactus Club I’d probably want to go check out Lion’s Tooth in the same neighborhood. They’re a small book store that just opened up in the past year and they carry a wide arrangement of novels and goods. There’s also a ton of other little shops and vintage clothing stores up or down the street in any direction.
When it’s time for some lunch or a snack, what’s a great place to grab some food?

I really enjoy going to Zocalo food park whenever I feel a little indecisive. There’s a bunch of different local food trucks parked and events are always happening there. I think really fondly of Mazorca, they used to be parked closer to my school and I’d go get the al pastor tacos all the time. They’re now parked at Zocalo and even have elotes and churros on some evenings. Three al pastor tacos and a horchata will always heal me.
What’s a place where you practice (or show off) your creative skills?  

I waft between a bunch of different visual mediums. I guess something I started doing in the pandemic was going to parks to crochet. I live in Riverwest so settling into a bench to watch the sun set over the skyline with a podcast and some yarn was a really magical way to spend an evening for me. Reservoir Park is gorgeous and I feel like a lot of artists I know live in the area so odds are I get to run into some old friends.
Is there a local creator or arts org you’d like to shout out? What’s a fun way to interact with them or their work?

I already mentioned them but I love love love Cactus Club. They did a ton of work to become an all ages venue and really pave the way for other music venues to offer space to people under 21. They’re always doing really great things and you can walk in any day of the week and something will be going on.
How would you finish your perfect day out and about in Milwaukee? 

I would probably be pretty beat after running around like that, honestly just cuddling into my bed and reading sounds wonderful. My home has been made so full and warm from the arts, goods, and tastes Milwaukee creatives have made. Just floating off to sleep being enveloped by all of it is a dream every day.

Sindie Ho is Imagine MKE's 2021-22 Public Ally. He acts as a support for all of our work groups and is learning the ropes of networking, community outreach, and elevating the arts and culture of Milwaukee.

You can contact Sindie at sho [at] to: get more information about the work Imagine MKE is doing, get food and restaurant recommendations, or just to say hi!

Before Imagine MKE: Sindie grew up in Rockford, IL and completed his BFA in Fine Art from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He has almost a decade of restaurant experience under his belt and understands the ways we can build community and have personal fulfillment through caring for each other.

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