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On a Boat

by David Lee on Aug 15, 2019
On a Boat

I’ve gotten to the point in my career where young people ask me how I got to my job and what I do all day. I tell them that I mostly write emails and attend meetings. Given the milieu of the arts, it’s pretty cool, but I’m still just writing emails and going to meetings, which is basically the same as any administrator or corporate leader.

However, on some days like today, I get to be on a boat on Lake Michigan to experience the sunrise with a group of cool folks who are working to advance our shared mission of making a Milwaukee a more incredible and inspired 21st Century American city.

This group was put together by Ian Abston who is leading the charge to #LightTheHoan. 

When I learned about this project, I was surprised by the fact that it’s not already lit. Most other major American cities have their major infrastructure lit up because it creates a signature for the city, on top of all of the other great things in the city. 

In San Francisco, where I grew up, everybody knows the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the bridge that everybody associates with the city. Yet, it’s the other bridge in San Francisco, the Bay Bridge that was lit a few years ago in a project called The Bay Lights. 

And it’s beautiful.

Ian calls Light the Hoan a big public art light sculpture that will help to change the way our city is perceived.

Can you imagine that future for Milwaukee? I can.  



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