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ITP E.23 Making Noise at the Library w/ Kristina Gomez

by David Lee on Jul 7, 2020
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ITP E.23 Making Noise at the Library w/ Kristina Gomez

This week, the gang welcomes Kristina Gomez, Events and Programming Librarian at the Milwaukee Public Library, to talk about how MPL is engaging Milwaukee artists and creatives and building community enabling and sparking creativity in all Milwaukee residents. 

Mac and David share their fondest memories of the libraries from their youth (1:50);  Kristina shares her library origin story (9:55); libraries are one of the last places of true welcome where there is no expected transaction (13:00); Mac is the worst spokesperson for librarian recruiting (15:25); Kristina shares the libraries biggest gift to Milwaukee's arts and culture world (17:20); how MPL has pivoted in the time of COVID-19 and Mac and David are amazed to learn at all of the library's creative programming (19:40); Kristina shares ways they are working to attract younger people and how they are developing new spaces that are available to community members like podcast studios, community kitchen, and maker spaces (27:05); Kristina's reign as our Czar of Arts and Culture (33:24); Plugs! (36:24)

Audio transitions: Green Eggs and Ham, Wes Tank

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