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ITP E.24 Getting LIT w/ Nailah Johnson

by David Lee on Jul 14, 2020
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ITP E.24 Getting LIT w/ Nailah Johnson

This week, the gang welcomes Nailah Johnson, Cultural Organizer at Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT), to the show to talk about how she became a cultural organizer and the importance of art and culture in social movements and change making.

Mac and David share how arts and culture influenced them growing up (2:00); Nailah shares what it's like to have the coolest job title in Milwaukee (16:40); Nailah's origin story as a cultural organizer (17:15); Lessons in organizing (22:30); The power of art as an organizing tool (25:45); Engaging young people and putting them in positions to advocate for themselves (29:55); How arts and culture drives LIT's vision (34:15); Black Hogwarts (39:30); Nailah's take on Milwaukee culture (48:00); Nailah's reign as Arts and Culture Czar (53:00); Plugs (1:00:28)

NY Times, July 8, 2020 opinion piece on LIT's work to organize youth

You can follow Nailah's creative endeavors on Instagram @vybrancymke and she's on Facebook and LinkedIn @NailahJohnson.

Audio transitions: "Song of Freedom," Shonn Hinton

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