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ITP E. 31 Rearrangements w/ Jill Anna Ponasik

by David Lee on Sep 1, 2020
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ITP E. 31 Rearrangements w/ Jill Anna Ponasik

This week, the gang welcomes Jill Anna Ponasik, Artistic Director at Milwaukee Opera Theatre, for a wide ranging conversation about her sources of inspiration, leading a small arts organization, and applying the lessons from her artistic practice to create a vibrant ecosystem of arts organizations, artists and creatives in Milwaukee.

The last BBQ of the summer and the Strauss-Howe generational theory (00:51), The concept of time as a loaf of bread, and do you also eat/love the "bookend" slices of your loaves? (2:38), The current federal and state policy asks and push (5:15), Welcoming Jill Anna and the differences between COVID podcasts and conference calls (12:53), Jill Anna's Milwaukee Opera Theatre origin story (15:00), Jill Anna's three-pronged inspiration (19:57), What she has learned from failure (21:19), Getting to know and connecting with Imagine MKE (28:25), Building connections in the broader ecosystem (32:14), Creating opportunities for leading, learning, and doing, and getting to think about ideas, arrangements, and effects (35:22), Redefining the signifiers and expectations for success (43:53), Going beyond talking about the arts and creativity as instrumentally vital but also essentially vital to our city and communities (53:31), What makes Jill Anna hopeful in 2020 (1:02:14).

Ugh. We forgot to ask for plugs in the recording and Jill Anna was too graceful to remind us - sorry - but here they are!

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Audio Transitions: Caroline's, by Amanda Huff

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