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ITP E. 25 Creativity in the VUCA w/ Kelly Fitzsimmons and Lex Allen

by David Lee on Jul 21, 2020
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ITP E. 25 Creativity in the VUCA w/ Kelly Fitzsimmons and Lex Allen

As a strategic leadership concept from military academies for conditions that are Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, VUCA has not only become the tagline for 2020 but fittingly, it is also the name of Milwaukee's newest musical supergroup/creative collective brought together by Kelly Fitzsimmons.

In this episode, we are excited to be able to talk with Kelly and Lex Allen, one of her VUCA co-conspirators. We have a wide-ranging conversation about creativity in VUCA conditions, chasing and pursuing the right things in life, how new technologies will chart the future for engagement with the performing arts, and gummy bears.

The joys of discovering new music (3:43); Mac and David thank Kelly for being the kickstarter of the MKE Artist Relief Fund (12:53); The VUCA backstory (17:10); Lex shares the hook that got him with VUCA and the new single, "Shine" (20:57); Kelly shares the concept that drives the album (25:15); Learning to chase the right things in life (28:06); Using new technology to launch an album and engage audiences (32:50); The importance of the arts and artists and using new technologies to support them (38:40); Arts and Culture Czars (45:15); Lex settles our office's debate on gummy bears (49:41); Plugs! (50:50); An outro Easter Egg (56:25)

The VUCA Collective. Also on Facebook and Instagram: @The VUCA

Kelly Fitzsimmons on LinkedIn

Lex Allen. Also, @LexAllen everywhere. The new song "Shine" will be out on 7/29!


David's WVKR playlist.

Audio transitions: "Lovely Child," by VUCA w/ Barbara Stephan and Dave Olson

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