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ITP 212: Making Sense of Abundance

by Imagine MKE on Feb 9, 2021
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ITP 212: Making Sense of Abundance

In the one year anniversary of Imagine This Podcast, the gang chooses not to do an anniversary show and instead reflects on the challenges of making sense of all of the choices we have before us. Whether it's choosing which shows to watch, choosing the next step in advancing a strategy at work, or choosing how we engage as members of a civic community. Stay tuned after the credits for the bonus Super Bowl commercial/cultural conversation pod.

Winter has come (:20); Mac and David take on the ennui of abundance and defaulting to known quantities (3:50); Making choices and action commitments to make progress on a shared agenda in uncertain environments (12:15); The Civic vs. Consumer frame and the myth of efficiency (23:07); Revisiting the pod's mission statement (35:01); David and Mac's hilariously wrong Super Bowl predictions (38:30); Bonus pod: the Super Bowl's role in our nation's cultural conversation (39:35)

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