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ITP 209: Kayfabe w/ Adam Qutaishat

by Imagine MKE on Jan 19, 2021
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ITP 209: Kayfabe w/ Adam Qutaishat

After a few weeks off, the gang returns this week with Adam Qutaishat, Milwaukee-area theater artist and teacher, to deep-dive into their lifelong passion for the art of professional wrestling, its impact on society, and on their work and practice.

This will go down in history as the only podcast episode ever to hint at the work of French philosophers Roland Barthes and Guy Debord, commedia dell'arte, and also namecheck Milwaukee legend Bobson Dugnutt.

Review of 2021 Work Group launch (2:00), How does one get from collective impact to pro wrestling? (6:46), Adam joins the show (18:54), Easter Egg (1:22:15)

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