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ITP 208: 2020 Time Capsule

by Imagine MKE on Dec 29, 2020
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ITP 208: 2020 Time Capsule

As 2020 winds down this week, the gang takes a look back at the year and plays a bit of the "How it started, how's it going" meme while looking back some of their favorite episodes. The whole Imagine MKE team joins the podcast to build a 2020 time capsule of arts and culture events. 

Pod in review (02:00); Team Imagine joins to add their events to the time capsule (15:22); David and Mac's contributions to the time capsule (40:29); Other 2020 time capsule worthy events (48:57); Roasty Easter Eggs (56:23)

Audio Transitions: "Milwaukee Strong," featuring the Milwaukee All-Stars and "Auld Lang Syne," United States Marine Band (What does Milwaukee have to do with Auld Lang Syne?)

E208 Ephemera

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