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Imagine MKE in the News

by Imagine MKE on Jan 19, 2023
Imagine MKE in the News

At the close of 2022, Board Chair Deanna Tillisch spoke with Andrea Hubbert from The Shepherd Express about Imagine MKE's formation, the work we have engaged in within the community since 2019 -- and what's next for the organization. The article features reflections from partners and arts leaders, including from Metcalfe Park Community Bridges' Deputy Director of Programs, Melody McCurtis, Jill Anna Ponasik, the Artistic Director of Milwaukee Opera Theatre, and Patrick Rath, the CEO of the United Performing Arts Fund. 

"Even though Imagine MKE has lost its founding executive director and several members of its staff in the last few months, its vision for Milwaukee remains the same: an engaged, inclusive, inspired, and economically vibrant region that is recognized as world-class for its thriving arts and culture scene. It will do this by leading efforts to:

  • Shift public and business community perception of the arts and culture sector and demonstrate its value as an economic and cultural driver.
  • Advocate for the increase of public funds, policy changes for the sector, and paid opportunities for creatives in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors.
  • Convene, attract, and retain the creative talent workforce by connecting them to pipeline and entrepreneurial programs and paid opportunities in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors.

This is not work that Imagine MKE will be able to do on its own. These efforts require support from artists and arts organizations, public and private sector funding, and commercial buy-in from consumers."

Read the full article: Imagine MKE: The City's Top Arts and Culture Adovcate. 

Then, this January, Tillisch touched base with Margaret Naczek from the Milwaukee Business Journal, about progress on the search for the organization's next leader, and the shift in focus within the organization from reacting to the circumstances of the pandemic, towards promoting the arts sector as an advocacy organization. The search process has narrowed the pool down to about five final candidates, from over 50 applicants from all over the nation. 

Read the full article: Imagine MKE hopes for new CEO in February.

We are grateful to all of Imagine MKE's partners, supporters and stakeholders -- and, to the Milwaukee community for coming alongside us through this time of transition. We look forward to sharing more updates in the days ahead, and imagining a brighter future, powered by Milwaukee's creative economy, together. 

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