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ITP E. 32 From the Outside in w/ May Adrales

by David Lee on Sep 8, 2020
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ITP E. 32 From the Outside in w/ May Adrales

In a banner week, the gang celebrates the announcement of the $5 million arts and culture grant from the state of Wisconsin and welcomes May Adrales, Associate Artistic Director at The Milwaukee Repertory Theatre for an enlightening discussion on taking risks, the advantages of being an outsider, and the 20/20 Vision for Milwaukee Arts that will be held over Zoom on Wednesday from 1:00 - 4:00 pm, in conjunction with the Milwaukee Black Theater Festival.  

What some of our listeners do with their bookend bread slices (2:03), The $5 million grant from the state to arts and culture organizations (4:15), The #TanSuit debacle (5:00), Focusing on racial equity and inclusion in the arts (11:10), May Adrales joins the show (15:11), May's origin story stemming from family lore (17:45), Growing up in Appalachia (24:32), The two Bisayan phrases that Mac knows (27:18), Using stereotypes to her advantage, or how May assisted with surgeries as a teen (29:30), When getting fired is a gift (31:15), Milwaukee being May's artistic home (37:24), 20/20 Vision for Milwaukee Arts (42:54), The difference between directing a play and a conference (46:36), May's Arts and Culture Czar reign: Making Theatre Accessible and Free Coffee (48:21), Plugs (51:29), Looking into the future: Mac's bad performance review next year (52:59)

More: May Adrales | Like: Milwaukee Rep | Join: 20/20 Vision for Milwaukee Arts on Wed, 9/9 at 1 pm | Attend: The Black Theater Festival (ends 9/12)

Audio transitions: "Lovely Child" by The VUCA Collective, featuring Barbara Stephan

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