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An Inspired Weekend

by David Lee on Aug 12, 2019
An Inspired Weekend

I might be a bit of a broken record about the incredible abundance of art in our city, but if it's true it's true.

On Saturday, Tammy and I had the opportunity of spending some time with Imagine MKE’s newest, exciting addition to our growing band of joyful arts champions (still top secret) at the Morning Glory Art Fair at the Fiserv Forum, where we got to experience the work of our region’s artists (Tammy was so impressed that she went back on Sunday and did quite a bit of our holiday shopping at the art fair).

Then, we visited the Under One Moon pop up street festival at Catalano Square. It was so stunning to see such a detailed rendition of the craggy texture of the moon’s surface. For me, it recreated the feel I had as a child growing up in San Francisco during Harvest Moons when the moon was so large that it seemed like I could just reach out and touch it. 

Finally, we had the unbelievable opportunity to meet internationally renowned muralist CASE Maclaim and his team during a break from their work making the giant mural on the north wall of the Dye House that pays homage to the historical nature of the building where Milwaukee women used to work to dye nylons but also to the many women to work in the Third Ward and everywhere else to make our city, state, region, and nation possible. 

I mean seriously - just look at those beautiful hands. 

Tammy asked CASE how he could keep perspective painting the mural while up on the wall. He smiled and said it was actually pretty easy because he is able to landmark against the different features of the building.

Yeah, I guess if someone walked into my office and marveled at my main work skills, which are to write emails and attend meetings, I would say it was pretty easy too.

Big, big congrats to our board members Mal Montoya at MARN, who was one of the sponsors of Under One Moon Milwaukee, and Stacey Williams-Ng at Wallpapered City, who led the CASE Maclaim Dye House Giant Mural project, for helping to create such an inspired and artful Milwaukee weekend.


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