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First 100 Days

A Blessing

by David Lee on Aug 27, 2019
A Blessing

So far on this blog I’ve written about some of the unbridled joy, abundance, and excellence that I have seen and experienced in meeting the incredible people working in the arts and culture sector of our city. I never got a chance to meet Quanita “Tay” Jackson but from everything that I have heard about her - her boundless energy, spectacular voice, irrepressible spirit, and steadfast commitment to community - made her someone that I would have liked to have met.

Tay was such an invaluable asset in helping us and other partners organize and execute a wonderful weekend of events at Moody Park, from the new Let Peace Live mural at the COA Goldin Center and to the Moody Park Madness 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament, which featured DJs and bands providing a soundtrack to what was turning out to be be a great weekend with no incidents at the park. 

Then, she was fatally shot in the neighborhood the next day.  

No matter no much joy and inspiration a person can put into the world through their good works, tragedy will still find a way through, and no matter how many great community building events are put on, there is still so much more to do to forge the community cohesion that will make senseless tragedies like this one less and less common. 

Antoine will be attending the neighborhood meeting later today to learn how the residents would like to memorialize Tay and the blessings that she gave us all. We will be certain to support these efforts.

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