Milwaukee is strong, ambitious, and resilient. We're optimistic and fiercely independent. We were built by makers and our future will be led by our creatives. This is our love letter to our city and its arts and culture community. This is our rallying cry for building the inclusive, united, vibrant future we imagine. 

Before COVID-19 disrupted all of our lives, this content was captured, bound for a celebratory video in the works for a March release. We have decided to release a version of it on Milwaukee Day as a gift to our region, and as a sign of hope for our shared future post-COVID.

Over the last few weeks, we have been so inspired by how the Milwaukee arts and culture community has responded to this crisis. Our city's artists, arts administrators, and creatives will not only lead us through the quarantine but also help shape and rebuild Milwaukee after. #InThisTogetherMKE #MKEArtsForward

At the beginning of COVID19, and with your help, we were honored to be able to help provide a lifeline for independent artists during the pandemic through our MKE Artist Relief Fund. You can learn more about the fund and the 423 artists we were able to provide funding to here


Artists and Administrators in the Video

Fred Kaems is a painter, muralist, designer, and maker.

Brian Rott and Quasimondo Physical Theatre make original performances that move bodies, hearts, and minds.

Ken Brown is an artist and art teacher, specializing in the mosaic/stained glass style. 

Dasha Kelly Hamilton is Milwaukee's Poet Laureate and co-owner of The Retreat.

Brandon Minga is an artist and sculptor who melds the organic and the artificial into explorations of mechanical systems.

Mark Niehaus is the President and Executive Director of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Greg Bach, Matt Kemple, and Kaitlin McCarthy are the producers and owners of The Laughing Tap.

Cara Ogburn is the Education and Film Festival Director at Milwaukee Film.

Ruth B8r Ginsburg is a seven-piece, neo-soul-folk group that addresses social issues through seven part harmonies.

Shle Berry is a musician and emcee based in Milwaukee.


Video Credits

Voice Over and Poem: Dasha Kelly Hamilton, "Life in Motion"

Director & Director of Photography: Samer Ghani

Editor: Carol Brandt

Producer: Patrick Buckley

Production Company: Buckley and the Russian General