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Wisconsin is 49th in public arts funding and according to the National Center for Arts Research, Milwaukee is in 79th percentile for government support for the arts and in the 58th percentile for state arts dollars. We lag far behind peer cities such as Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati.

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An inclusive, engaged, and inspired Milwaukee that is recognized as a world-class city for creating and experiencing arts and culture.

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Creativity is among the top skills sought by businesses according to the Conference Board's "CEO Challenge 2017" survey, with 72 percent of business leader respondents saying creativity is of high importance when hiring. Exposure to arts and culture helps people feel more creative and open to innovation.

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We are the convener, connector, and amplifier of the arts and culture community in Milwaukee.

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Milwaukee arts organizations and institutions generate over $225 million in annual expenditures and employs tens of thousands of people.

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We connect hundreds of Milwakee arts & grassroots organizations

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The Economic Case for Public Arts Subsidy in Wisconsin

by Adam Braatz on Apr 27, 2023
The Wisconsin state legislature is currently in the process of crafting revisions to Governor Evers’ 2023-25 biennial budget proposal, which included a one-time $100 million investment into the Wisconsin Artistic Endowment Fund. The arts are note just "nice to have,"-- they are critical component to WI's vibrancy now -- and our competitiveness tomorrow.
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